Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bush Does El-Foldo on "Pathway"; Driver's License Shortage?

Not too surprising, considering that GWB practices the El-Foldo act every day:

"There was a pretty good consensus that what we have put into the Hagel-Martinez proposal here is the right way to go," said Sen. Mel Martinez, Florida Republican. "I think he was very clear [on] pathway to citizenship, so long as it goes to the back of the line, and he even opened the door here for something we've haggled back and forth on, that you can shrink the time for people to become citizens by simply enlarging the number of green cards."

And Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, said Mr. Bush "endorsed the concept of an earned citizenship."

That would represent a substantial change on the part of the Bush administration, which just last year said it opposed a path to citizenship for those currently here illegally.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told the Senate Judiciary Committee in October the administration didn't support "a path through which they can get their permanent residence or citizenship," and Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao echoed that: "We feel that a pathway to citizenship would reward those who have violated our laws."

Well, there ARE important considerations--such as the number of home mortgages which would be foreclosed if illegals were deported.

In a separate report, but related, the Milwaukee JS reports that only 43% of Milwaukee's Hispanic community adults have Wisconsin driver's licenses.

...and the other 57% does not drive, right?

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