Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tax Freedom Day

Others will blog effectively on the report. Nice to know Wisconsin's only 12th (aaaarrrrgh) in total tax burden, although 20.6% of income is a lot to give away at the point of a gun.

But there's a very interesting statistic buried at the bottom of a table on P. 11 which should help all of us to understand the "Beltway Mentality".

Income per capita in Washington, DC: $63,044.

Next closest: Connecticut at $53+K.

Wisconsin: $37,115.

That's a whole different galaxy they live in out there in DC. Not another continent--not another planet--a different galaxy altogether.

Something else: have you noticed how pathetically awful the roads are in New Hampshire
(7.3%), Delaware (8.4%), Tennessee(8.6%) and Alabama (8.8%)? How their garbage piles up for months before collection? How it takes several hours for fire/police response to a 9-1-1- call? How abysmally ignorant their public-school graduates are?

I didn't think so.

The percentages listed after those States' names are state/local taxes paid. Here in Wisconsin, the percentage of state/local taxes paid is 11.6%.

And our children are smarter, our roads are better, our police/fire services are ....

You get the idea.

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