Thursday, April 27, 2006

Party of Government Parade

Seems as though Waukesha County salaries for elected officials are in play.

Heh. Maybe our elected officials are part of the "parade" noted by Frank Lassee:

In the debate over constitutional limits, no one is representing taxpayers "who pay the bills," Lasee said. "We have a tremendous spending lobby parading through this building."

Lasee said local officials and government workers want to protect their high salaries and are afraid "they may not get as generous raises and benefit packages in the future."

And HERE'S a parade:

Four former governors - Democrats Tony Earl, Pat Lucey and Martin Schreiber and Republican Lee S. Dreyfus - issued a statement saying a constitutional amendment is not needed.

"The primary and final responsibility for taxes and spending has, does, and should continue to reside with the people elected to represent us in the Legislature and the executive office," they said.

...each of these exalted yutzes, of course, are Highly Honored Poobahs of the Party of/in Government Society of Steal, Spend, and Retire (HHP-PIG-SSSR) Is it just co-incidence that the acronym includes "SSSR"? We think not.

What more could one ask? When such luminaries speak--Tony the Tree-Hugger, Schreiber the Kept Man of the Casinos, and old RINO Lee (who personally signed off on the Gas-Taxation-Without- Representation Bill)--we rabble, we louts, we dirty-handed workers should STFU!! and fall to the ground in adoration, right?

From 1995 to 2005, spending from the state's general fund - one traditional gauge of state taxes - jumped by 51%, from $7.81 billion to $11.86 billion, according to state reports. That was more than double the national inflation rate of about 25% for that same period.

We rabble have also noticed that gasoline prices went up, boys. Maybe the bozo local twits will stop sending an entire engine company for run-of-the-mill ambulance calls. And don't local governments maintain a "reserve" account for such contingencies? Maybe the State will finally dump the State Patrol's highway cruisers. Maybe the Governor will stop using State airplanes for campaign appearances.

And maybe Hell will freeze over.

As to Waukesha County:

After his successful push to shrink the Waukesha County Board as a cost-saving move, County Executive Dan Vrakas is confronting a pay-raise package that includes about $8,000 a year more for his position.

Other countywide elected officials would receive raises ranging from about $4,000 a year to $9,500 a year, under a measure designed to set salaries in advance of upcoming county elections.

Vrakas said he would not prejudge any proposal without analyzing it and comparing how Waukesha County salaries stack up against those for officials in comparable positions in other counties.

[I see. Perhaps the Executive should MOVE to another county and get elected there, if they pay more. The "other counties" argument is absolutely irrelevant for ELECTED POSITIONS, Danny-boy.]

County Treasurer Pamela Reeves called the existing formula reasonable and said she would object to getting less of a raise than what was recommended.

"I think it's kind of a slap in the face," said Reeves, who plans to seek her fourth term in office in November.

So she gets a slap in the face AND RUNS FOR OFFICE AGAIN? Pammy!! Quit the job!! You've been INSULTED!! Maybe Vilas County needs a good treasurer. Or Rock County. Or maybe some county in Utah!

Yah. This is cute. Not only do they want to keep their jobs, they want raises--probably to pay for the increase in gasoline prices.

And by God, the taxpaying louts, the unwashed, the rabble--THEY WILL PAY FOR IT!!

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