Friday, April 14, 2006

A Story You WILL NOT See

Here's how the story could read:

The next time the [radio talk shows or bloggers bring a case of criminal misconduct-in-office] to the Milwaukee County district attorney's office, it's going to get closer scrutiny than in the past.

That's according to District Attorney E. Michael McCann, who just finished prosecuting three Milwaukee [county Supervisors].

We want to believe we can trust [public officials]. The district attorney has long relied on [public officials' testimony and remarks] to [fail to] issue charges in [voter fraud, self-enrichment, and other scams].

That might have to stop, McCann told me Thursday [as he prepares to dump his deskful of un-investigated public corruption cases onto a successor]. The ['fill in the blank here' case] is telling us it's time to look at these [lying pigs] more critically and to closely examine the injuries suffered by the [public].

[The Madison District Attorney did not return our calls for comment.]


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