Thursday, April 27, 2006

Xoff's Biology (Publick Screwels Gradyoot)

Here's how Xoff does biology 101:

A small percentage [of the 400K frozen embryos] have been designated for research or donation to other couples, but the vast majority are excess embryos that will never be used to produce babies.


You can't make this stuff up, and pointing out this inanity is...well, it's the duty of the blogger.

This astounding biological re-write was created to make BagManJimbo look like some sort of "good guy" for valuing dollars over lives--put another way, the Utilitarian sophistry.

The Democrat Party has come a long, long, long way since defending slavery in the South, eh?


xoff said...

Catholic high school grad, actually.

What exactly is your point, and what is it you would like to do with the 400,000 now in storage?

Dad29 said...

Point One:

"...[embryos] which will never be used to produce babies..."

They ARE babies.

And they should all be given a proper burial.

Evidently Sr. Mary of Discipline did not see enough of you.

xoff said...

Frozen embryos are not babies. They are not even fetuses.

They would become "babies" at birth.

Before they are given a proper burial, would someone have to kill them?

Dad29 said...


They're puppies!! Kitties!! Certainly not human!!

Deny, deny, deny.