Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mary McCarthy: Treason Count Coming?

As Levin points out, the MSM has gone into the rabbit-hole on Mary McCarthy, who from her position within the CIA revealed secret information about "secret prisons" in Europe.

The NYTimes has reported that the Europeans could not find those prisons--and suddenly, McCarthy was fired from her CIA position.

She was a Sandy "Burglar" Berger protege, put into the CIA during the X42 era. Let us recall that X42 was extremely sloppy about keeping US secrets, too, and was responsible for a great deal of PRChina's military "leap forward."

Looks like the bloggers and Freepers will have to keep us informed on the progress of the case--just like they are doing regarding X42's policy of ignoring or burying terrorism (search Able Danger, Jamie Gorelick, and the 9/11 Commission on the FreeRepublic home page.)

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