Monday, April 17, 2006

Perky Katy

The new anchor of See BS News is displeased:

According to this article, the feministas are riding to the defense of perky Katie Couric who apparently doesn’t like being called, “perky.” All of us who would call her “perky” are now condemned as chauvinist pigs. The inheritor of the Throne of Cronkite may be planning to change her billing to “Katherine Couric” to create a sense of gravitas. CBS should remember that the highest comedy is the result of one who doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously pretending to seriousness, such as the immortal Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Perky is and perky does, Katie. Stick with it.

American Spectator blog


The Badgerland Conservative said...

We now need to find a dozen or more bloggers to use the word "gravitas," the way the drive-by media did in 2000 witwh Cheney's effect on Bush.

That tape that Limbaugh has, if you have ever heard it, is priceless.

Amy said...

"Perky"? I don't think Katie Couric is "perky". I think she's annoying, condescending, and...well, the list could go on. In short, I cant's stand her and won't be watching the CBS news any time in the near future.

Does that mean the feministas will appreciate my insight? Seeing as I'm not describing her as "perky" and all?

Anonymous said...

She's not just perky, she's annoying. I don't think she has gravitas at all. (There you go, Peter. :) )

Anonymous said...

Whether Katie is 'perky' or not is besides the point. It would be nice to have an intelligent journalist with insightful questions instead of the normal uninspired crap!!