Friday, April 21, 2006

LawDog on the NOLA Thieves

...we refer, of course, to the LEO's of New Orleans:

You know, when I first heard the rumors of gun confiscations in NOLA during the aftermath of Katrina, I figured it had to be part of the hysteria.

I mean, who the hell would take guns away from citizens during a full-blown, full-on collapse of society? In the middle of Deepinahearta the Southern States?

And given the number of reporters, and the wide availability of digital video recording devices, the lack of published video seemed to back up my thoughts.

Then the Patricia Konie video surfaced. That was bad, but I figured there had to be more to that savage little scene than what was readily apparent.

Boy, was I naive.

After a lawsuit by the NRA and the SAF, plus contempt of court citations, NOLA jackasses reluctantly admitted that they were in possession of a thousand-plus confiscated firearms.

Thousand. Not 'tens', not 'hundreds'. Thousand.


Those knuckle-dragging, nit-witted, mouse-dicked, pea-brained, lard-arsed, desk-driving, cork-screwed little dacoits with delusions of adequacy must have been running around stealing guns at warp speed!Did they bloody well organize shifts for this?

"You , you and you: loot Wal-Mart. You, you , and you: steal guns from any citizen who'll let you get by with it."

That's ... that's ... I really don't have words to express how I feel towards public servants (who are sworn to protect the citizens) stealing from those citizens their only means of protection. WHILE, I might add, LOOTING EVERY FECKING WAL-MART IN SIGHT. ON CAMERA.

Sweet evil Loki, y'all blotted your Eternal Copybook something fierce, I'm here to tell you.

And now, I find, it gets better.

After being forced -- let me repeat that -- after being FORCED to admit to taking lawfully-owned property (we call that 'Stealing' here in Texas), NOLA officials are reluctantly arranging to return said property.

As long as the owners are willing to jump through intricate and complicated hoops.Want your lawfully-owned firearm back? Bring a bill of sale.Bill of sale???!!! I don't fecking well keep the receipts of the guns I've purchased, you sodding ignorati! My grand-father and great-grandfather didn't keep the bills of sale to the guns they passed down to me!

And even if they did, you rat bastard sonsabitches, y'all just went through a BLOODY FLOOD! How in the name of all that is holy are the citizens supposed to find a bill of sale in a house that was UNDER 14 GODS-BE-DAMNED FEET OF WATER??!!

You buggered this whole thing into a cocked hat, YOU FIX IT. Don't dump that responsibility on the citizens who were merely in possession of LEGAL SODDING PROPERTY.

Yes, Gentle Readers, as you might have guessed the track record of Biblical level, pure, grade-A, arse-covering, institutionalized incompetence demonstrated by the officals of NOLA in the past is holding true: it looks as though 25 people showed up to retrieve their lawfully-possessed property -- and 8 received that property. 17 people did NOT get their lawful property returned to them.

What's the difference between a pack of Rover Scouts and New Orleans?

Adult bloody leadership, that's what.

8 people had their legal property returned. Well, hell, that only leaves a thousand or so stolen guns to be returned, doesn't it? Sodding incompetent muckwaddles.

I swear to God, if I worked for NOLA, I'd tell my mama that I was the mop man at an adult theatre and spare her the shame of knowing one of her off-spring had fallen far enough to actually accept employment from the likes of NOLA.

Where the hell is the ATF during all this? Why the hell isn't the ATF six feet up Nagin's butt with a microscope like they are with gun-dealers who mislay guns?

NOLA officials should be horsewhipped around the courthouse square for this.Shame on you. Shame on you all.


And now you know why The LawDog Files are blogrolled here.

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Bernard Brandt said...

Amen. And again I say unto you: Amen.