Saturday, April 22, 2006

UW-Mad Just Doesn't Get It

Once again we see that the Trustees of the UW System let Wiley make an idiot of himself:

Wiley is not happy tht some of the UW students' segregated fees go to the UW Roman Catholic Foundation.

Mark Green thinks it's blatant discrimination.

Wiley comes up with the usual bureaucratic BS, forgetting that other beneficiaries of the seg-fees have the same deficiencies:

"Wiley added in his letter that UWRCF was ineligible for funding since it was not a registered student organization...

"Well, if you check the Student Org. Office list of current Registered Student Orgs, neither is the LGBT Campus Center or the Tenant Resource Center, two groups that have received and will continue to receive seg. fees.

"and [UWRCF] could not receive funding for its maintenance and utilities because it was located at a “non-university” facility."

Alright, then JCC, Multicultural Student Coalition, Sex Out Loud, and CFACT, among others, who rent space in "non-university" facilities should not be funded either.

Wiley's simply clueless.

HT: Letters in Bottles.

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