Sunday, April 23, 2006

Poverty in Mexico: Derived from Illegal Hiring in US

CQ posts an email from the women of a small southern-Mexico town. The email states that illicit immigration to the US is, in effect, drawing all the men out of Mexico and leaving families (and small businesses in Mexico) in shambles.

He goes on to comment:

This should remind us that the draw of the illicit money offered by American businesses to the poor workers of Mexico and Central America not only takes potential work away from Americans and legal immigrants but also creates a cultural and productivity drain from those areas abandoned by the able men who cross the border. It has the potential to cause social damage for generations in Mexico and other nations. The businesses who offer the work for the men and women draw them from the opportunity to improve their own communities. The men who leave often do so for years, leaving the women behind to fend for themselves and their children.

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association and Farm Bureau's "legacy:" broken families, Mexican poverty?? Surely they are proud!!

Perhaps Cdl. "Cesar Chavez" Mahony will speak out about the value of the family?

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Phelony Jones said...

The first thing this made me think of is the affect of the War on Poverty on the black family.