Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Leaker AND Stupid?

Ms McCarthy, formerly of the CIA, may have bitten on a rubber worm:

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse wonders if the story on CIA detention centers might not have been a sting operation to unmask leakers at Langley. The possibility comes up because on the same day that the CIA terminated Mary McCarthy for her communications to the press, the New York Times reports that European investigators cannot find any evidence that the detention centers ever existed.

...How do intel agencies find leakers and spies? They pass around carefully designed misinformation to selected individuals considered likely suspects, and see what winds up exposed as a result. It's possible that after Porter Goss took over as DCI when George Tenet left, he began mole hunting in a big way. It's certain that the administration would have demanded some action on leaks, and Goss would have been of a similar mind. It appears that the story she gave Dana Priest has a lot less substance than first thought. Two separate investigations by Europe turned up nothing. They have reported on both occasions that no evidence exists to substantiate the story, either of the detention centers or of European cooperation.

McCarthy would have been a classic candidate for this kind of mole hunt. A favorite of the previous administration, having reached the National Security Council, her loss of influence in the new administration could have prompted bitterness and antagonism.

She was a close pal of Sandy Berger. Maybe she stuffed the "evidence" in her undies before giving it to the Washington Post.


Anonymous said...

Like Sandy Berger I look for another slap on the wrist, although I would like to see her do the perp-walk.

For few chuckles I wrote a parody poem this morning, "Mary Had a Little Scam."

Dad29 said...

Well, how about this:

Mary blabbed a little leak,
Little leak, little leak,
Mary blabbed a little leak
Which got the Left aroused.

It made the Lefties laugh and play,
When published in the Post.

Now Mary's going to Court one day,
Court one......
To face a Treason charge.

And from the gallows she will say,
she will say......
From the gallows she will say
"I Learned from X42!!"