Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sexual Abuse in Schools

It's not exclusively a "Catholic" problem--not by a long shot:

Hofstra University’s Charol Shakeshaft, the leading expert on public school sexual misconduct, testified to the Colorado General Assembly earlier this year that nearly 7 percent of students nationally report “being sexually abused in a physical manner by an educator in public schools.” That means, according to Shakeshaft, that “of the approximately 45 million students attending public and private K-12 schools, more than 3 million will have been the target of physical sexual exploitation by an employee of the school by 11th grade.”

HT: Open Book

But, as noted in the blogpost, public schools cannot be civil-suited--or if they can, the liability limits are very small.

Wonder if BagManJimbo will propose legislation changing that here in Wisconsin.....naaahh.

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