Monday, March 15, 2021

Tightening the Stranglehold: Stimmie's Medicaid Scam

The Biden*/Pelosi spending-and-debt-and-inflation spree laughably called "stimulus" is another attempt to tighten D.C.'s stranglehold on the various States.

You know, 'the stranglehold':  the one which sets national speed limits using blackmail highway-funding techniques?  Or inserts LBGTQXYZSJ fantasy-propaganda into grade schools using blackmail 'education'-funding techniques?  How about 'No Child Left Behind' which has turned into 'No Child Learns Much of Anything'?  (GWBush, you idiot!)

They're pushing for more.

The newly enacted $1.9 trillion spending bill includes additional funding of as much as $22.5 billion for states that have not yet expanded their Medicaid programs under Obamacare....

"FREE MONEY", they say.

Think it's "free"?  You're a fool.

... “I worry for the states that the money is lulling them to sleep,” said Nina Owcharenki Schaefer, a senior research fellow for health policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “The more the federal government controls the funding, the more it will interfere with and limit what states can do with Medicaid.”...

Yes, "limit."  Remember the Death Panels?  THAT is a "limit," and well within the arrogated powers of the D.C. Tyranny.

Evers will follow orders and promote this 'gift' from the Trojans as much as he can.  That's because Evers is a mindless little chipmunk--albeit a vicious partisan one--running in his little cage.

Can the Republi-CANTs in the Legislature take the heat?

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