Monday, March 29, 2021

Irony: Bloomberg Pushes Nazi-Like "Papers, Please!" Passes

Mike Bloomberg is pushing a "Papers, Please" ChinaFlu scheme which would issue travel-permission (and work-, shopping-, living-permission) papers to vaccinated citizens. 

No little irony there.

...“Once people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, they’re safer to dine out, fly on airplanes, attend concerts and movies, work out at the gym, go to the office, cross borders and otherwise move about — as long as they wear masks around other people indoors, avoid large groups and keep their distance, How can they demonstrate that they have this protection? By showing a ‘vaccine passport,’ perhaps in the form of a smartphone app,” explained the editorial board.

While Bloomberg endorses the concept of vaccine passports as a benefit to business, it also suggests that they should be regulated by the government....

Maybe non-vaccinated people should just wear yellow stars on their clothing.

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