Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Benny Shapiro, Vax-Nazi

Shapiro wants to mandate the vax.

He argues that 'herd immunity' is the reason for that mandate.

Huh.  He's not curious at all about the long-term effects and the no-liability guarantee.

So to Benny, it's "Take it no matter what may happen to you to protect MY ass."

Thanks, Benny.  We'll pass.

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Mar said...

I'm kind of surprised about Shapiro, though I have not listened to him in a few months.
I know the county I live in, probably the most conservative county in the country, we have been open for months and no mask mandate for at least 8 months and the people who are giving out vaccines are pretty much sitting on their butt, our number of cases and deaths pretty much mirror the national average. And this is kind of surprising since about October, we have been inundated by snowbirds and those from California and Nevada because of their strict lockdowns.
And basically those who are getting vaccine are the snowbirds from the North, Cali and Nevada and those who recently moved here. Those of us who live here year round are avoiding the vaccine.
I've drove by the vaccine site in our city a few times and it's a ghost town. same with testing sites. Our rural hospital was never overwhelmed, even during the worst of times.
The attitude here is the virus is gonna do what a virus is gonna do.