Sunday, March 28, 2021

Attacking Sen. Ron Johnson, Chapter 2,498

Local Pravda a/k/a Journal-Sentinel continues its obsessive-compulsive behavior on Ron Johnson.  This particular semi-fictional screed is written by Gilbert.

(Yes, it's about 2,498 attack-Yorkie pieces.  Perhaps you didn't read all of them.  Is that because you don't subscribe any more, like most residents of Wisconsin?

...His rhetoric about the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol has attracted a remarkable level of negative national attention — unlike anything we’ve seen involving a Wisconsin member of Congress for many decades...Johnson’s recent comment that he never felt threatened by pro-Trump protesters that day but would have been more concerned had they been Black Lives Matter or Antifa protesters was condemned as racist by critics ranging from Democratic colleagues to op-ed columnists for national newspapers to anti-Trump conservatives

That's true in very small circles like the ones found in D.C. salons and North Shore Nancy sitting rooms--total population about 200.  Gilbert should get out more--like to gun clubs, taverns, and construction sites, or even to the Sherman Park area, where jobs and civil order are priorities.

But Gilbert managed to get the "R" word in there, reality be damned!!

...Johnson has embraced the role of media foe, echoing Donald Trump’s contempt for the press, claiming the Left is trying to shut him up, wearing the condemnation like a badge of honor and fundraising off it....

Pout, pout, pout.  Think Gilbert doesn't know about the contempt for "the press" out here?  Yes he does, and the rapidly-shrinking payrolls in Pravda-Land are a daily reminder.

 ...Johnson's conflicts with the news media also very much involve this newspaper, whose editorial board called for Johnson's expulsion from the Senate for threatening to challenge the Electoral College results and for his defeat after he disputed whether the storming of the Capitol was an "armed insurrection." ...

Your editorial board consists of raving maniacs, pal.  That's been true since at least the 1950's.  As to whether it was "armed", show us pictures of the guns, swords, or knives brought INTO the building by the 300 or so "insurrectionists."  All the footnotes in the world are not pictures.

Go on.  Show them to us.

Oh.  You don't have pictures?  You think a fire extinguisher is "arms"?  A baseball bat?

The Little Poopsies in the Pwess......they are so afwaid!!

Gilbert rattles on with out-dated polling material and relies on vote-totals (which are frauded-up) to come to a complete halt in his 'narrative.'  But he leaves with this:

...Johnson’s rhetoric on COVID-19, on the 2020 election, and on the storming of the Capitol seems to genuinely reflect his own views, including a disdain for experts, establishments, Democrats, the political class and the mainstream media....

RoJo is not wrong on Chinese Lung-Rot; he's not wrong on medical treatment for it, he's not wrong on the grotesquely-stolen election, and he is CERTAINLY not wrong about the detritus highlighted in red above.

(If you want to find where he's wrong, Craig, look up "Use of Force" guidelines for Capitol Cops.  Then look up statutes on murder and manslaughter.  The CapCop/murderer is lying like Hell about 'fear of his life,' but Ron believes it.  Ron's wrong there.)

We expect that the Attack-Yorkies will be running their stories about RoJo every few days from now until eternity.  However, they will NEVER mention the "Joseph Project" again.  It doesn't spend Biden*-sized money and it puts ex-cons and school dropouts into decent jobs.

Can't let that kind of 'insurrection' get too much coverage, can we? 

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