Thursday, March 18, 2021

A Not-Unreasonable Amnesty Program

As soon as you see "Lindsey Graham," you're inclined to turn the page. This one, however, is worth the read.

...the amnesty — dubbed the “Dignity Proposal” — would give legal resident status to anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 million illegal aliens who are enrolled and eligible for DACA. Eventually, these illegal aliens can apply for green cards and obtain American citizenship.

All other illegal aliens would be eligible under the amnesty to get 10-year work visas so long as they pass a criminal background check, pay taxes, and continue taking an American job. The amnesty states that these illegal aliens will not be eligible for “means-tested benefits or entitlements” and must pay a fine.

After holding work visas for 10 years, illegal aliens would be eligible to go through a five-year program, which includes learning English and taking civics courses, to eventually secure a green card. Once a green card is secured, illegal aliens are able to apply to become naturalized American citizens....

If enacted AS PROPOSED HERE, it's a good program.


Because demography.  The US' cohorts of under-40 citizens are shrinking rapidly; this has been the case for a decade or more and that's a really, really, big problem for Social Security, Medicare, and--for that matter--income-tax receipts as a whole.  Since Congress will never control spending, the revenue side must be enhanced.

This will do it.  Will the Democrats attempt to ruin the plan?  Of course!!  That's why there are "elections."

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