Saturday, March 27, 2021

Local Pravda Moves to "Global Warming"

Biden*--or whoever the Hell is in charge--wants to spend a $Bazillion or so on "Global Warm/Cool/Change". 

So the propaganda press, including the Journal-Sentinel Pravda, is warming up the crowd.

Today we learn that Lake Michigan gains .11 degree F every 10 years.

That's one one-hundredth of a degree every year.


Also note:   the period measured is only 30 years, not 100, not 500, not 1,000.  So in geological terms, it's meaningless.  

Even more, look at the way DOOM!!! is phrased.

...the rising temperatures could have impacts on the ice cover on top of the lake each year, as well as the organisms that live in water and depend on the steady changes in temperature, said Eric Anderson, the lead author of the study and a physical scientist with the Great Lakes Research Laboratory. ...

With all those sooper-dooper techno-babble instruments, Anderson failed to mention ANY 'organisms' which actually WERE affected---nor does he specify the 'effects' on the ice cover.  It would be 'evidence' if he could demonstrate that the ice-cover's retreat fits neatly with the 'rise' in temperature.  Curious that he missed that, no?

...The warmer temperatures deep within the lake are also part of the reason Wisconsin has faced so many issues with erosion along the shorelines....
That's a howler.  How much of a "part" compared to lake level--which is very high?  Inquiring minds, and all that.

You'll see more of this.  Next, we'll learn that Global Warming/Cooling/Change is RAAAAAAAAYCISSSSSSS, and there will be quotes from other experts.

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