Sunday, March 28, 2021

DoJ Narrative "Insurrection" Fits a Pattern

We are acquainted with US attorneys here in Wisconsin.  

One of them (retired) was flexible enough with "law" and "justice" that he assisted Chisholm--the guy who puts "criminal" into "criminal attorney"--in hounding, harassing, and scum-bagging Walker allies.  Took seven or eight courts to beat him into submission although to be fair, he did have reservations late in the game.

Nothing's different about the US attorneys in D.C.  They make stuff up and hope nobody notices.  But....

...The Associated Press now recognizes something is sketchy about the DOJ shift.  Somebody might possibly do something, at some place, in relation to something discussed with someone about some time; thus people were arrested for thought crimes.  However, the DOJ cannot show who the somebodies, something or sometime were all about....

So much for the "insurrection" that the third-tier "journalists" still rant about.

For a longer treatment with some very interesting quotes from appellate judges, see this post.

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