Friday, March 26, 2021

Catholic Charities: Proximate Mediate Material Cooperation in Evil?

This border thing is serious.  The people coming here are not really "refugees", the cartels bringing them here are doing so for profit--whether in fees or in 'earned' credits (read:  prostitution, drug mule-ing, or slave labor) after arrival.

Worst?  "Welcoming" them--which, of course, encourages them to come, with women and girls being raped/abused along the way, the weak left to die, .......etc.

Catholic Charities welcomes them.  So here's a question:  is contributing to Catholic Charities a proximate mediate material cooperation in evil?

Proximate mediate material cooperation is always sinful, as it leads to, and is necessary for, the sinful act to occur. For example, to provide nursing care pre- or post-operatively for an abortion. It is not an abortion, but it makes one possible.

The underlying question is this:  Catholic Charities claims to be 'assisting refugees.'  But they are ALSO encouraging illegal activity, not only by the 'refugees' but also by the cartels.  They would love to claim "double effect," but serious minds will differ on that question given the evidence we have over the last 30 days or so.


You'll be getting their Spring "Send Money" letter soon.  Think carefully.

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