Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pubbies Go Native D.C. Again

If John Boehner did one thing right, it was to eliminate earmarks.

Kevin McCarthy brings them back.  And if you want a real laugh, here's the justification:

..."Members want Congress to help their communities, particularly now as the pandemic exposed so many inequalities and needs," DeLauro said at the time. "Community Project Funding will allow Members to put their deep, first-hand understanding of the needs of their communities to work to help the people we represent."

Earmarks are considered legislative sweeteners for leadership to entice their members to support major bills...

"Deep, first-hand understanding....."

Because the Congresscritter lives--actually lives--in the District with spouse and children, Ms. DeLauro?  Because the Congress-critter shops for hardware and groceries in the District and is met by real live constituents, not lobbyists or "rights" wackos?  Because the children are in school with the children of the dirt-people and the spouse carts them to all their games, meets, and tournaments?  You remember the concept:  IN THE DISTRICT.  Hmmmmmm??

THAT kind of 'deep, first-hand understanding'

That's funny, Ms. DeLauro.  You should write comedy scripts.

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