Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Noem-Pence Collapse(s)

Dreher dug up a guy who knows what happened in South Dakota.  Same thing will happen in Wisconsin a few months down the road.

After the bill was passed (narrowly in the SD Senate).........

...For two weeks, Governor Noem effectively went dark. In the first week, her office told supporters of House Bill 1217 that a decision would be coming shortly. In the second week, when rumors began to fly that she might change her mind about the bill, her office ignored requests for meetings with the bill’s sponsors and even with Republican House and Senate leadership.

Meanwhile, she and her team were actively engaging critics of the legislation, which included the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce, the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce (arguably more powerful than the state chamber), the South Dakota Board of Regents, the Sioux Falls Sports Authority (presumably representing the interests of the NCAA), left-wing advocacy organizations, and, not surprisingly, Amazon, the censorious Big Tech behemoth, which is planning to bring more than 1,000 jobs to the state by building a fulfillment center in Sioux Falls...

Perhaps THOSE were the anonymous 'legal experts and professors' Noem claims to have consulted.

Pence pulled the same stunt in Indiana several years ago, and--if Barb Dittrich didn't already know it--the same games will be played here in Wisconsin.  Evers will veto, of course; but Tommy Thompson and Wisconsin Manufacturers/Commerce will ensure that there will NEVER be an over-ride.

What's more important, anyway?  The laws of Nature's God, or Mammon??

There is an argument that the bill's language is a bonanza for lawyers.  Did the SD legislature bother to run this past a lawyer?  THAT would be an interesting tale, too.

Regardless of legal-language niceties, Noem's position is this:  you girls can compete fairly in grade- and high-school.  Too bad about college, eh?

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