Saturday, March 20, 2021

How Criminals Get Guns, Chapter One

Surprisingly, the local Pravda ran this story.  Keep it handy; the usual lying about "gun crimes" isn't far away.

Law enforcement agents call people who buy guns for those who aren't legally able to do so — like minors or felons — straw buyers.

A new federal indictment suggests a Milwaukee man might qualify as a super straw buyer.

Court records indicate that over about three months last fall, Keenan D. Hughes, 33, purchased 39 handguns from 15 Wisconsin stores, paying more than $25,000 cash, on behalf of Marvin Powell, 41, of Milwaukee, a repeat felon who can't legally possess, much less purchase, firearms....

NOT surprisingly, after the Fed magistrate let him loose, the perp failed to show up for his arraignment.

Could be he just left town.  Or--since dead men tell no tales......

You decide.

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