Monday, March 22, 2021

How Corrupt Is Green Bay's Mayor?

To use the terms 'corrupt' and 'Green Bay Mayor' in the same sentence would have been ludicrous only a few years ago.

Now?  Not ludicrous at all.

Kittle (read his site daily) unearthed some curious emails--one of which gave the New York City organizer/paid Democrat operative/Zucker-servant a "secret" SSID at the central-vote facility.

That was on orders from the Mayor a graduate of Green Bay's Notre Dame HS (which used to be an all-girls school).

There's a lot of smoke here and you can see some flame.

Can't wait for the Milwaukee emails (same operative, different place) to become available, can you?

Remember:  Wisconsin was decided by 20,000 votes and there are PLENTY of reasons to think "Election Fraud" here.

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