Sunday, March 21, 2021

Is ChinaFlu Actually a "Pandemic"?

No, Wuhan Flu is NOT actually a "pandemic."  But it's very handy for the Totalitarian crowd, such as Bill Gates, "Dr." Fraud-ci, and their political benefactors and beneficiaries, the Democrats.

...they also highlight the WHO’s role in setting the stage for a global health dictatorship by changing the definition of “pandemic.”...

The original WHO definition?

"...when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness....

The revised-for-totalitarians definition?

  ...They merely removed the severity and high mortality criteria, leaving the definition of a pandemic as “a worldwide epidemic of a disease ..."

See?  Easy-Peasy!!

MOST interesting part?

 ...We now have plenty of data showing the lethality of COVID-19 is on par with the seasonal flu.13,14,15,16,17 It may be different in terms of symptoms and complications, but the actual lethality is about the same. Yet we’re told the price we must all pay to keep ourselves and others safe from this virus is the relinquishing of our civil rights and liberties.

In short, by removing the criteria of severe illness causing high morbidity, leaving geographically widespread infection as the only criteria for a pandemic, the WHO and technocratic leaders of the world were able to bamboozle the global population into giving up our lives and livelihoods....

Go to the link, read the footnotes, and understand what's going on.

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