Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Pattern of Wuhan Flu

Ticker--a math guy, not an "expert" like Fauci, makes an observation or two.

...The evidence is very strong that coercive policies when it comes to Covid have a cumulative and deadly effect on outcomes.  Sweden continues to see "cases"; in fact they're now at about 1,000 a day, and have roughly tripled since August.  Big shock?  No.  It's getting colder.  Likewise we're seeing more "cases" in the northern states and that will spread southward as the months go on into winter.  Viral transmission activity increases in the colder months.  Why?  Absolute humidity falls which liberates virus from drops that will otherwise harmlessly fall to the floor and the lower the absolute humidity the more likely that such a particle will be liberated and not accumulated and fall out of suspension.  It's physics and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.  In addition we know that Vitamin D production by humans, which occurs by exposure to the sun, is attenuated when insolation is less and people spend more time indoors.  We knew that vitamin D had a link to viral infection outcomes over a hundred years ago; those Spanish Flu patients placed outdoors during the day did better than those kept inside irrespective of whether windows were opened, etc.  We now know why.  There is also a crazy-high correlation (which does not prove causation but suggests a link) between serum Vitamin D levels and Covid outcomes.  Does this mean you should willy-nilly gobble Vitamin D supplements?  Probably not; you can overdo it and the consequences of doing so are quite severe.  But it is something to be mindful of....

Tin-Pot Tony Evers' solution to seasonal virus is not going to be successful, except for the enjoyment he and his Abortion Barbies get out of watching people worshiping the Masque of the Red Death.

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