Saturday, October 10, 2020

Posing for the Camera, BLM

Stuff you won't read in "the nooz"--nor see on TeeeVeee.  This is why they're called "Burn, Loot, Murder."

...Colectivo Coffee only had four windows busted out, but an employee told us it represented at least $1,500 in replacement costs for the owners. He adds that neighbors and volunteers had generously showed up Thursday morning to help with cleanup, although not everyone’s motives are pure. One woman in a Black Lives Matter mask, he says, made a big show of sweeping up broken glass so long as the local news cameras were filming her, but dropped the broom and walked off as soon as the cameras panned away. “She didn’t even pick up the pile of glass she was sweeping.”...

Poser.  Just like the lawyer "representing" the Cole family who, in reality, is tearing down civil society.  

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