Saturday, October 17, 2020

Biden Corruption S**tstain Spreads

We already know that the FBI flat-out ignored or buried what they knew about Hunter Biden's computer since December of last year when they picked it up.  

Now we have reason to question even more people in DoJ and in the Fed judiciary.

Someone named Devon Archer was a business partner with Hunter Biden.  Archer was convicted of fraud, but a FedJudge vacated that conviction.  Hmmmm.

That FedJudge is the wife of a Mueller-team "special" prosecutor.  Special, indeed.

...The new-trial case for Devon Archer was presided over by Judge Ronnie Abrams of the U.S. District Court for the SDNY.  She vacated the judgment against Devon Archer, a jury conviction obtained in her court in June 2018 at the same time as Cooney’s.  She had also sentenced Cooney in 2019 (see the DOJ announcement linked above).  The federal prosecutors for the SDNY appealed Abrams’s decision on Archer, leading to the appeals court reversal this month....

...Abrams’s husband is Greg Andres, one of Robert Mueller’s top prosecutors on the special counsel team.  Andres was also a witness for the prosecution in the Paul Manafort trial in T.S. “C’mon man!” Ellis III’s court – the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Virginia – in August 2018.  (The U.S. Attorney for the EDVA prosecuted the Manafort case.)  Andres’s chief role with Mueller was reportedly investigating Manafort....


...The point is that the U.S. federal government had every reason to know that associates of Hunter Biden, who himself had obtained a lucrative deal with a Ukrainian gas company, were being prosecuted for a massive fraud scheme – with one participant, Devon Archer, identified in both activities – at the same time the U.S. federal government was probing the partly contemporaneous dealings of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates in Ukraine with an electric cattle prod....

So Manafort and Archer get sentenced (as was another Archer partner) while Hunter Biden.......ahhhh........pokes hookers and smokes crack.

It is good to be a Biden.

...Apparently, we’re not supposed to turn a hair that a pair of spouses shows up making key government decisions between 2017 and 2020.  We’re to take it on faith that they were disinterested, and unpolluted by any untoward biases or prejudicially-managed knowledge stovepipes.  They, and the DOJ and FBI, both worked cases linked through the tunnel of the Ukraine-Bidens-2016 nexus, and we’re to be satisfied with which connections were pursued (Andres and the Mueller probe) versus which ones weren’t (Abrams and the Biden associates case)....

It also defies credulity that these two were the ONLY Feds who knew and saw the evidence and connections.  How about the US attorney in SDNY?  Other DoJ superiors in D.C.?   We already know that the FBI was soaking in diarrhea from top to bottom in D.C.; now it looks like their New York office was covered with s**t, too.  (Just ask about DickPic Weiner's PC with Abadin's copies of Hillary's "lost" emails.  Or don't.)

Sit down and shut up, you miserable deplorables.  You can't HANDLE the truth.

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