Saturday, October 10, 2020

McCain's Spot-On Analysis

Stacey McCain is an old-time newspaperman now writing his own blog and who has a regular gig with The American Spectator

He summarizes the fever-pitch headline-and-reporting you've seen for the last several weeks in all the local "news" (read:  propaganda) purveyors.

...We see here how the propaganda message of the Joe Biden campaign — “Coronavirus will kill us all! Blame Trump! Wear a mask! Vote Democrat!” — is translated into a media narrative. Journalists strain themselves not merely to repeat this message, but to amplify it to the deafening roar of a jet airline takeoff. The most over-the-top rhetoric is permissible as “reporting” in service of this narrative....

Thus, in today's regional Pravda, the top-of-the-page headline story was about some 62-y.o. bartender in Oshkosh (!!!) who apparently has Covid--19 and who blames Trump for his hospitalization.  No word on whether the guy is a smoker, a diabetic, or has a heart condition.  Nope. Can't talk about that.  He got it, he got it due to Trump, and that's that.



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