Sunday, October 11, 2020

'Nobody Cares' About Hillary/FBI/CIA Sedition?

Shocking...........IF it is true.

POTUS has to accept that people have already made up their minds about Russiagate, and most just don't care about it like POTUS does ...--Andy McCarthy

In that tweet, McCarthy was agreeing with Rich Lowry's assessment of the situation.  But Lowry makes that assessment without any poll data--in other words, no proof.

Should Trump talk about the economic recovery?  His plans for the next term?  More US-centered policy replacing "Globaloney" of Bush, Obozo, Clinton, et. al.?

He does.  All the time.  But Lowry does not pay attention, and he lives in the Swamp, where perfidy, treachery, sedition, and power-grabs are normal.  Note:  that's not normal in Flyover Country.  

Maybe Lowry ought to get out a bit more. 

He should take McCarthy along. 

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