Sunday, October 11, 2020

Moral Use of Covid Vaccine?

The screaming headlines among the anti-vaxxers (now apparently including Nancy Pelosi) suggest that the Catholic Church would oppose using at least one of the Covid-19 vaccines being produced.

The reason?  The use of WI-38, an ingredient derived from an aborted baby in 1964.

The Catholic Church does NOT oppose use of vaccines using WI-38 under typical circumstances.  But she doesn't cheer them, either.    

Since the PDF format and Blogger are near-totally incompatible, please read the Vatican's document on the issue.  Summary:  if there is no other alternative and use of the vaccine will prevent deaths of children (e.g., rubella) or benefit the population as a whole in a proportionate measure, one may use the vaccine while registering dissatisfaction with WI-38, ......etc..

The linked document also has a good exposition of the categories of moral action.

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