Friday, October 16, 2020

Ice Cube Learns About Git-R-Done

This news report has a much larger message under the surface.

Rapper-actor and Big3 Basketball League founder Ice Cube has accused  CNN of canceling an upcoming interview on Cuomo Prime Time, following his revelation that he worked with the Trump campaign on an economic plan for black Americans....

Ice Cube has just learned what is increasingly clear:  Trump gets things done.  That's one very big reason that Democrat politicians, their lackeys in the media, (and many Republican politicians) want Trump out of office.

Git-R-Done:  If problems are solved, the politicians have nothing left to run on, you see.  Need to stop illegal immigration?  Build a wall and 'persuade' Mexico to help.  Need more good industrial jobs in America?  Take them back from Red China's slave-labor camps.  Want to stop endless wars?  Declare them over and bring the troops back.  Want to set ISIS back a couple of centuries?  Kill their leaders.  Want better drug price schedules?  Force the drug-makers to sell at the same price they sell to Canadians.  Equal treatment, and all that.

Politicians don't like getting things done.  The money-spigots might dry up and the politician who has no ideas at all is...........ahh.........dead meat.

That's why they all hate Trump.

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