Friday, October 23, 2020

Limbaugh Hits the Grand Slam

It was a very, very, short comment and it was buried in a much longer analysis of the debate, but Limbaugh grand-slammed a profound statement, probably because of his cancer AND because somewhere along the line Limbaugh learned solid philosophy (maybe his brother?)

It was this:  ".........Biden does not know what it is to be a man."

The context?  Rush was referring to the Covid portion of the debate.  You could take that remark in a number of ways--but there's only one that makes perfect sense.

Man lives, then dies.  That's the nature of mankind.  There is no alternative, and to Be a Man means to know and accept that, fully.

Biden and all the other candy-tosser politicians, sweet-worded scorpions--all of them promise an escape other than death, other than suffering.  They lie, of course.

 To be a man means to know the nature of mankind and accept it.  Limbaugh knows.


Anonymous said...

Neither does Limbaugh regarding how to be a man. Divorced three times and no children.

Anonymous said...

To be a Catholic man is to know that Judgement follows death, with
eternal consequences.

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