Saturday, October 10, 2020

On the Other Hand (re: Whitmer)

If one actually believes the MSM and FBI's narrative about the threats to Whitmer, well, OK.

But there's a counter-narrative, and Z-Man writes it out.

...The Feds announced to great fanfare that they foiled a plot by far-right extremists to kidnap the daffy governor of Michigan. They coordinated this with the governor so she could try to gain some sympathy. Of course, this being the age of lies, the extremists were mostly anarchists and random goofballs talked into this by the Feds. Putting aside the absurdity of this case...

"Absurdity" may not be the precise word, but it's close.  About 15 malcontents, none with discernable major money, jaw-jaw about "blowing up a bridge" and getting past Whitmer's security detail (which is NOT Barney Fife plus his aging uncle) to drag her to Wisconsin and "try her" for ........something-or-other.  Easy-peasy, right?  Even "DANGEROUS" according to one local disaffected grump.

We are also told that these yotzes were drilling with their weapons at a Wisconsin home.  That's interesting, as the president of the village where all this 'drilling' was going on got ZERO reports of gunfire.  (The Detroit News does report that gunfire was heard in a Michigan hamlet where some of the plotters lived.)

Also worth noting:  the FBI is desperate to revive some part--ANY part--of its reputation, having begun its implosion before 9/11 and completed it with the Mueller-Comey years of utter subservience to......ahh..........something other than the yeoman citizens of this country.  

It will be interesting to read the trial transcripts of these "plotters" most of whom have asked for public defenders (due, no doubt, to their mis-allocation of large money into Bridge-Ending Bombs and Mass-Killing Firecrackers.)

Looking for a bit more skepticism?  The Thinker has some here.   Maybe this is the Great White Whale of "White Supremacist Extremists" that Gerry Wray--a company turd of the first water--has been yammering about??

There is truth out there someplace, but we haven't seen it yet.

So far, only one pundit has suggested suspicion of Whitmer's husband should be considered.....

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