Saturday, October 10, 2020

Trump Smacks H-1B Abuse, Hard

Norm Matloff, who is a go-to guy on the question of H-1B abuse, is pleased with Trump's latest policy change on that issue.  Matloff dislikes Trump intensely--but he despises the H-1B abusers such as Intel, Google, Facebook (et. al.) even more.

...yesterday, the administration announced a new policy, one that in my view is the first genuine reform of the visa in its 30-year history. The H-1B statute (as well as the one for employer-sponsored green cards), imposes wage floors on employers who hire the visa workers. The new policy substantially raises these prevailing wage levels....

There follows a somewhat complicated explanation of what happened.  Suffice it to say that the new policy WILL make a difference.   

It's also useful to understand that H-1B abuse is really age discrimination enabled by Government.  Going forward, turning 35 with an IT job is no longer a death knell.

More remains to be done, but Trump took a BIG first step.  American citizens who are in STEM fields should be grateful.

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