Thursday, October 22, 2020

Clintons, Bidens........and Who Else??

Perhaps there are a lot of damnfools in this country who believe that ONLY the Clintons and Joe Biden were heavy-duty corruptocrats.

Yes, those two certainly were--and remain so.  The Clintons took money from Red China, Malaysia, and the Arabs (a bunch of 'em).  That was just the states; there were also lots of individuals who were happy to rape the USA for only a few million dollars.

Now Biden & Family.  Principally Red China, but lots of East European money, too--and in Biden's "charitable trust" area there were many US companies who were happy to contribute--and you know they expected some consideration(s).

Now, then.

Let's look at other 20+ year "public servants" who spend a lot more than $175K/year should buy.  Yah, Pelosi, Feinstein.  And the Ranking Member of Senate Intel?   

So many people, so little time.


Anonymous said...

History does not repeat but it rhymes sometimes.
2 Chronicles 32:21.

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