Friday, October 09, 2020

Mourning the Judiciary's Past

A kerfuffle has been engineered by the Usual Suspects because Brad Schimel--a sitting judge--emceed a Pubbie fund-raiser.  Lotsa fake wailing from a couple of pecksniffs at this link.

One of the wails came from an MU Law prof.

...Chad Oldfather, a professor at Marquette University Law School, said the state judicial code and the American Bar Association's model code urge judges to "be free and appear to be free from political influence and political pressure.”

Yet much of the Wisconsin public, Oldfather said, has come to regard parts of the judiciary as partisan.

"That’s a deeply unfortunate development, and one that members of the judiciary should take great pains to avoid fostering," Oldfather said....

Yah, well, Chad, take it up with Earl Warren, Shirley Abrahamson, or the current Democrat shill-meister, William Conley.

The Judicial Left's demolition of Right Order has been in lockstep with the ruined reputation of the judiciary and the platform(s) of the Democrat Party.

Not a co-incidence, Chad.


Anonymous said...

Glad that Brad got smacked along the noggin' for not following the rule of law.

Dad29 said...

He's afflicted with too much rock-n-roll, I fear. The vibrations did something to his cognitive senses or whatever.