Saturday, June 23, 2018

The "Broken Supply Chain" Bullplop

Ah, well, if we tariff Chinese Communist components, the world will come to an end.  Fire, floods, mountains will collapse, and politicians will become honest.

Well, maybe politicians won't actually become honest.

Anyhow, that "broken supply chain" crap is exactly that.  Crap.

...In yesterday’s column, [Rana Foroohar] echoed my point about supply chain movements that are either already underway or being contemplated:

“Over the long term, China and the US are headed towards regional supply chains for high-growth technologies of the future.” She continued – consistent with the conventional wisdom, “But in the short term, the interdependencies will be difficult to untangle.”

Then, however, came the kicker – which received no special emphasis from the author at all:
Several executives who supply Fortune 500 companies have told me it would take months if not years for the biggest US companies to break completely free of Chinese components.”...

MONTHS, or maybe 'years.'  Gee.  Months.  Wow.  

Think that the Chamber of Commerce has been snowing you?  

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