Saturday, June 16, 2018

Gee, Paul: Are You Now "Lyin' Ryan"? UPDATED!!

Looks like Paul Ryan is in a serious downward cycle.

...Ryan claimed, falsely, to House Republican members recently in a conference meeting that the president did support the Ryan amnesty bill–something the president confirmed on Fox and Friends on Friday morning was not true. The president opposes the bill and Ryan’s continued claims that Trump did back the bill are now proven to be false....

What happened to that "Nice Young Man from Janesville"?

Hint:  he became a Typical Political Crapweasel from Mordor on the Potomac, the home of Robert Mueller's FBI.

Too bad, eh?

UPDATE:  White House clarifies that Trump loves him some Ryan bills.

Uhhhmmmmmm......that's sad, Donald.

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