Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cuba Travel? Are You NUTS??

In Milwaukee, the 'conservative' radio station is WISN 1130.  It carries Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin, and the local hosts are Belling, Weber, and some condescending, irritating, 'all-about-MEEEE' kid (from 9A to 11A--a good time to switch to WLS 890 or WIBA 1320.)

Anyhow, this station is joined at the hip with a travel agency, Cruise and Tour, which has packaged all the usual 'have a cocktail with RadioMouth X, Y, or Z' tours for the station for many years.

So why in Hell is this Cruise and Tour outfit pushing tours to CUBA?  (Yes, they are--but you have to listen to WJR/Detroit to learn that...)

Look, folks.  Cuba is still a Communist dictatorship which persecutes, gulags, and executes its internal political enemies AND openly-practicing Catholic ladies.  (Google "ladies in white").  Carnival Cruises doesn't care about all that stuff--they're making money and don't let a few dead bodies get in the way of that. 

But YOU should give a damn, and so should WISN.

And of course, every single thing in Cuba is stolen.

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