Wednesday, June 20, 2018

HUSCO vs. USA? Hmmmm.

Yes, those are rather stark terms, eh?  HUSCO, formerly a Koehring subsidiary and now owned by "Gus" Ramirez, 'versus' the USA?  Just because "Gus" decided to set up and operate a plant in Communist China??

Say it ain't so!

Or we could just quote from a summary of a report:

Today, the White House Office of Trade & Manufacturing Policy (OTMP) released a report outlining how China’s policies threaten the economic and national security of the United States.

OTMP studied how China seeks to capture, through its “Made in China 2025” plan, the emerging high-technology industries that will drive future economic growth. China is targeting industries ranging from artificial intelligence, aerospace, and augmented and virtual reality to high-speed rail and shipping and new energy vehicles. Many of these “Made in China 2025” industries have important defense applications.

OTMP outlines how China aggressively seeks to acquire American technology and intellectual property through multiple vectors including: physical and cyber theft, forced technology transfers, evading United States export controls, export restraints on raw materials, and investments in more than 600 high-technology assets in the United States worth close to $20 billion....

Oh, yeah.....well, apparently Communist China is an enemy of the US.  Doh.

So what about HUSCO?

...In addition to its U.S. factories, Husco has plants in China and other countries. About half of the company’s business is in automotive components, and the other half is in components for off-highway equipment such as excavators and mining trucks....

Naturally, Austin Ramirez (presumably "Gus's" son) speaks in Political Correct (not real English) about this.

.... “I am a fan of doing something to combat poor behavior from China, relative to intellectual property theft and other things they do to prop up their domestic industries....

"Poor behavior," eh, Austin?  Can't quite say "Criminal espionage and extortion"?

At some point in time, Austin, you and Gus will have to decide which country is more important to you.  And you'll have to say so very clearly. 

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