Friday, June 08, 2018

Scott Walker!!! This IS the "Dairy State", Remember?

Poor Governor Walker.  He's so a-twitter over FoxConn that he apparently forgot that Wisconsin is "The Dairy State."

So ol' Scottie is out there telling Trump how to negotiate.  (Yah, that's kinda funny, too...)

Gov. Scott Walker came out against President Donald Trump's planned steel and aluminum tariffs Friday, saying they could move Wisconsin jobs to Canada or other countries.

"Ironically, American companies who will feel the negative impact of the tariffs can actually move their operations to another country, such as Canada, and not face new tariffs on the sale of their products," Walker said in a statement. "This scenario would lead to the exact opposite outcome of the administration's stated objective, which is to protect American jobs."...


So Scott, when are you going to chastise Groper Trudeau-boy for Canada's TWO HUNDRED NINETY PERCENT TARIFFS on DAIRY PRODUCTS??

Yes it's true.  GE moved its Waukesha Engine operations to Canada.

Oh.....wait.  That was during the Obozo Administration, before the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEvil Don Trump's anti-Communist China steel/aluminum tariffs.  Nevermind.

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