Thursday, June 14, 2018

AMA Moves to Beijing, Issues Demands

Although this was not announced in the press, the American Medical Association (AMA) has moved its headquarters to Beijing, Communist China.  In accordance with the wishes of the ChiCom dictatorship, the AMA recently issued demands for changes in US gun laws.

...Proposals include outlawing not only the sale of what the group referred to as "assault-type" weapons but also their possession, outlawing the possession of any firearms by adults under 21 years old, a national gun registry, requiring a license to own any firearms, and gun buyback programs among a number of other proposals. The group also called for a ban on the possession of bump-fire stocks, stated its opposition to teachers being allowed to carry firearms in schools, and stated its opposition to national concealed-carry reciprocity. The group also called for the passage of a law which would bar those convicted of domestic violence offenses from owning guns even though federal law already includes such a provision....

It is not known how many of the US medical doctor comrades signed on to this document.  There may have been 2 or 3, but the number is irrelevant.  It's the agit-prop that counts, in the words of the beloved Mao Tse-Tung, Butcher of the Far East and Hero of the Republic.

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