Saturday, June 16, 2018

Mueller Stinks Up the Constitution

A reminder:  Robert Mueller built the FBI that James Comey ran for a few years.

Yes, the FBI that lies, cheats, and plots against a duly-elected President.  The FBI that thinks anti-Swamp voters are ignorant "pieces of shit."  That's Robert Mueller's FBI.

Now Mueller, desperate for ANY sort of dirt on the President, jails that President's former campaign chairman.

 Not because the guy is a flight risk, or because he's a danger to the public.


Because he wants that campaign chairman to give up the dirt.

This is offensive to the Constitution, of course--but Mueller, who has falsely convicted people and put them in prison for YEARS, doesn't care, because Mueller thinks that he's going to get away with this crap scot-free.

Just like Chisholm and Schmitz in Wisconsin did.  So far.

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