Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Did They REALLY Care About the Mexicans?

Part of the sales pitch on the NAFTA treaty was that 'the Mexicans' would make a bunch of money and then there would be no need for the Mexican Joe Lunchbox to be part of the drug business.

Or some such happy crap.  (Same happy crap we've heard about "liberating" Afghanistan, by the way.)


In truth Mexican manufacturing wages reached an all-time low of $1.90/hour in January of 2017 and in fact their record high was in 2013 -- $3.60/hour.

Oh and by the way:  the drug trade--a BIG part of which is from Communist China--is doing well, thankyouverymuch, and murders are skyrocketing.

Neither the Clintons nor the automobile manufacturers gave a flying f*&^ about "the Mexicans."  And they didn't really give a flying f&^% about YOU, either. 

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