Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's Not "Pubbies" They Hate....

It's not "the Republicans" that they hate.

It's the Dirt People.  You know:  rubes, despicables, bitter clingers, h8ters, bible-thumpers, ....the people who stand up for the National Anthem, who do dirty jobs, pay taxes, and who support the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous who are sucking the life out of this country in D.C.--or Mordor on the Potomac, a far more fitting title.

You only have to look at the work history here to understand that.

...Ms. Nuland, a longtime State Department official who served in the George W. Bush administration as the U.S. Ambassador to NATO, served during the Obama administration as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs.

In that capacity, according to the book “Russian Roulette,” she played an instrumental role in the evolution of Christopher Steele’s negative campaign research on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016 by giving permission for an FBI agent in London to meet with the former U.K. intelligence officer....

She, and thousands like her, are PermaState.  They are swamp-creatures, entitled, self-absorbed, highly compensated, and prosecution-proof Ents.  They are Republicans and Democrats, makes no difference.

It's not Trump.  It's everyone who is NOT a swamp-creature that they hate.

For more--and better--on this, see Conrad Black's essay.

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