Friday, June 15, 2018

Robbie George Becomes Jesuitical Lawyer (!?!)

Robbie George, of Princeton, was a reliable orthodox Catholic voice--until about 12 months ago.  I noticed something in one of his writings which didn't make sense--but I brushed it off and don't recall the matter any more.

However, Prof. George has gone off the rails again, this time with a spectacular leap into mind-benderism.  Austin Ruse reports:

...Several months ago, Professor George published a column at the Public Discourse wherein he grappled with the central contradiction in James Martin’s statements about Church teaching on homosexuality. How does one square Martin’s claim that he does not reject Church teaching and his statements that very clearly do?

George said the key to squaring this circle is the use of “mental reservation.” George wrote, “When Fr. Martin says he supports the Church’s teaching, he isn’t saying that he supports what most people mean by ‘the Church’s teaching,’ including what the popes and bishops (or ‘institutional’ Church) have for centuries taught on marriage and sexuality in what they themselves see as exercises of their apostolic authority. He means that he accepts the Church’s truly authoritative teaching, which he thinks does not include the propositions that homosexual conduct is immoral or even, perhaps, that marriage is exclusively the union of man and woman.” Martin takes this view because the official teaching is not authentic on account that it has never been “received” by the LGBT community....

Sure.  Yup.  Anything you say, Robbie.

By the way, Robbie, Jesuitical lawyers are generally wrong.  Not only in facts, but in spirit.  You might want to consider that next time you visit your confessor.  

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