Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dear Alberta: Illinois is BANKRUPT!

Alberta Darling has been a great Pubbie fighter, but on occasion Alberta's love for the RoadBuilders lobby is too much to take.

..."Now when I go into Illinois using I-94, I'm amazed at how the (stereotype) has changed — that the roads in Illinois are much better than I-94 going in and out of Wisconsin," said Sen. Alberta Darling, co-chairwoman of the Legislature's budget-writing committee....

Yah, well, if Alberta looks REALLY HARD at the finances of Illinois she'll find that Illinois is the Walking Dead financially.  In fact, Alberta should be looking at ways to keep Illinois' debt crisis from landing on the heads of Wisconsin taxpayers.

Roads look and feel good for 10-15 years, then they need repair.  We'll manage.  Tell your RoadBuilder pals that they'll get some money.  Or hey!  Tell them that Illinois is looking for highway contractors who'd like to get paid about.......oh..........5-10 years after the road is done.  That should make them happy!!!

Just not real soon. 

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