Tuesday, June 26, 2018

No Such Thing as Co-Incidence

We brought this up in the last couple of weeks.

What if Hillary and B. Hussein authorized and directed a spying op against Trump?  Doubtful that Ace is reading this blog, but he has the same idea.

I have long found it very interesting that one man with connections to Western intelligence attempted to "incept" George Papadoplous with the claim that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton, and then another man with connections to Western intelligence then arranged, for some reason, to meet with Papadopolous and extract this same information from him.

Then this information was fed to the US government, and used as the basis for opening an investigation.

Almost as if this was all a set-up.....

Oh, yes, that's well within The Hildebeeste's repertoire.

And by the way, do you think that the "disappearing professor", Mifsud, will turn up in Fort Marcy Park with carpet traces in his shoes and a .45cal hole in the back of his head (which will be classified as a "Suicide")????

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