Sunday, June 10, 2018

RoJo, Are They Still Heading to Canada?

Senator RoJo is of the opinion that lots of US businesses will pick up and move to Canada because of the tariff question.  Scott Walker is kinda-sorta in the same camp.

Let's talk about Canadian leadership, eh?

...In a press conference after Trump departed for Singapore, Trudeau said Canada would move forward with retaliatory tariffs, saying Canada will "not be pushed around." In response, Trump attacked Trudeau on Twitter, calling him “dishonest & weak.”

Kudlow also said Trudeau’s press conference was a “sophomoric, political stunt for domestic consumption.”

"President Trump played that process in good faith. So, I ask you: He gets up in the airplane and leaves, and then Trudeau starts blasting him at a domestic news conference? I am sorry, that’s a betrayal. That’s a double cross.”

The unexpectedly abrupt remarks from Trump's top economic adviser about a longstanding U.S. ally were deeply unusual, and underscored the growing divide between the US and Canada....

"Double-crossers, weak, betrayers...."

Just the kind of place that every business wants to go to!!

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